NTD procedure

NTD procedure

Do you believe that content on a website hosted by us is unlawful? Report this by sending an email to abuse@cyberfusion.io. On this page, you will find the information you need to send, and the procedure.

Your personal data will be used to process the report.

Include this information

  • First name.
  • Last name.
  • Address.
  • City.
  • Email address.
  • Phone number.
  • Name of company or organisation (if applicable).
  • Website that the report pertains to.
  • Your role. For example:
    • A user of a website hosted by us.
    • Parent of user under 16 of a website hosted by us.
    • A rights holder of copyrighted work published on a website hosted by us.
    • A rights holder of a published trademark (proof registration number) that is published on a website hosted by us.
  • Demand. For example:
    • Remove/block the material.
    • Issuance of name and address of the website holder.
    • Provide a response to the publication on the website.
  • Basis for the report. For example:
    • Infringement of copyright, trademark right, trade name right or other right of the reporter.
    • Racist, hateful or discriminatory speech.
    • Defamation, slander, insult or threat towards the reporter.
    • Violation of privacy or portrait rights of the reporter (including stalking).
    • Child pornography or other illegal pornographic publication.
    • Pornographic or otherwise sexually explicit image or text.
    • Computer crime (hacking, viruses, etc.)
    • Publishing personal data without permission.
  • Explanation of the report.
  • If the report concerns an infringement of a right: declare that you are the owner of the right that has been infringed or that you are entitled to act on behalf of the right holder.
  • If the report concerns an infringement of a right: has an attempt been made to contact the website administrator? If so, what reason did they provide for not intervening?

Include as much evidence as possible

For example:

  • URL.
  • Other description of the material that is the subject of the report.
  • Poster name/alias/username (if applicable).
  • Screenshots.

After the report has been sent

  • You will receive a substantive response to the report within 7 days.
  • Is the report urgent? Then you will receive a response within 48 hours. We determine whether it is.
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