Future Openings: Sign Up For Our Talent Pool

Future Openings: Sign Up For Our Talent Pool

TL;DR: Always wanted to work at an innovative tech startup? But also value a stable basis, job security and good employment conditions? At Cyberfusion, you experience 'the best of both worlds'.

Although you might not see any job openings in your field, we encourage you to apply anyway. We’re on a mission, and we can imagine that you can’t wait to join our adventure. By applying you’ll be notified of upcoming job openings before the crowd will. So you will be in the best position to get a spot in the future.

Meet Cyberfusion

Cyberfusion was created by responding to questions from web agencies and SaaS companies. In 7 years' time, we have built a solid and enthusiastic customer base. Now, it's time for the next step. Our ambition: to become the largest WebOps platform for web professionals in Europe. Realistic? Certainly. Because…

What makes Cyberfusion unique?

Cyberfusion will become a WebOps platform purpose-built to host, monitor, secure and optimize many websites and applications in one place. Until now, this was only possible with overcomplicated solutions from American cloud providers. With unique cluster technology, among other things, we offer the perfect solution for our target group: web professionals who manage many websites and applications for end customers. Cyberfusion is therefore the first all-in-one platform for this target group.

How do you contribute to our ambition? In other words: what are you going to do?

This will of course depend on your role. But whatever that will be: we will make sure it will be cool stuff. At least, if you like challenges and can handle a high degree of responsibility.

What roles will we most likely be looking for in the (near) future?

Technical roles, like:

  • DevOps Engineer (junior/medior)

  • Python Developer

  • Technical writers for our knowledge base

  • Internships for roles related to the above

Sound interesting so far? Then please continue reading to get a good overview of our culture.

We think your mentality is more important than your experience. With this attitude, working at Cyberfusion feels like home:

  • You think quality is super important. You get the time and space to make things you are proud of: that is better in the long term. At the same time, you understand that sometimes things have to be finished at the agreed time. If you work longer to make that happen, you compensate for that time at another (suitable) moment.
  • You have a 'getting things done' spirit. If something doesn't work immediately, you are creative enough to come up with other possible solutions. And you get the space for that. You really enjoy getting your teeth into something. We can't do anything with general comments like "I don't understand". However, we are happy to answer each other's specific questions.
  • You understand the importance of (proactive) communication. For example, if you are unable to keep an appointment, you report this in a timely manner.
  • You enjoy discussing the approach together in broad terms. You, like your colleagues, find it important to keep each other sharp with critical questions. This is how you come up with the best ideas together. You then like to work on the implementation independently, although there is always room for further consultation.

You recognize yourself in this:

  • You enjoy continuously gaining new knowledge to feed your need for challenges.
  • You write and speak fluent English. Bonus points if you speak Dutch as well, or take language courses from your vitality budget (not required).
  • You prefer to work 40 hours (but 32+ hours is negotiable).

Your impact is significant, which we reward with:

  • A salary that matches your knowledge and experience. This - of course - depends on your role.
  • An office right next to Eindhoven Central Station. But hybrid working is the new normal: as long as you communicate when you work where, it's up to you. Although you understand that it is sometimes more convenient to meet in person. Additional advantage: lunch at the office and sometimes also in the city center are included.
  • Flexible working hours. For real. Whether you start at 7:00 AM or 2:00 PM, everything is negotiable. As long as there is sufficient overlap in working hours.
  • Full travel allowance for public transport or an allowance of 23 cents per km for the car and bicycle.
  • A work-from-home allowance of € 2,35 per day.
  • Pension scheme (and employer contribution) in consultation.
  • At least 25 vacation days based on full-time employment.
  • A minimum training budget of € 1,500 per year to spend freely.
  • A choice budget of € 1,500 extra per year to add to your training budget or to buy extra vacation days.
  • A vitality budget of up to € 50 per month. For example, for boxing lessons or a swimming subscription. Or purchasing sportswear. This is completely up to you.
  • The resources you need to do your job well, both in the office and at home (such as a MacBook, an iPhone and a good workplace).
  • The opportunity to form the basis of and grow with an already proven startup.


  • Please note that we are only able to hire Dutch residents or persons already holding a work permit. We do not sponsor work permit applications.
  • Find more information about working at Cyberfusion on the 'Careers' page. With answers to questions such as 'what does the application process look like?', 'what does hybrid working at Cyberfusion entail?' and 'what can I expect from my colleagues?'.

Can’t wait to get a headstart?

You can apply for an open position, or to be added to our talent pool, in various ways:

Questions about work at Cyberfusion?